SuperStar Awards


SuperStar Awards are a great introduction to problem-solving in STEM. They offer children the opportunity to learn through hands-on challenges by exploring the world around them. Anyone can run these activities – we provide lots of advice and tips to help you get the most out of CREST. 

Typical age


Time to complete

8 x 1 hour challenges

Entry fee per child: £1 UK / £4 International


The challenge

The children will complete eight SuperStar activities. Each one takes around an hour and involves solving a real-world problem.

The outcome

The children develop their investigative and teamwork skills. After completing all eight challenges, each child will receive a CREST SuperStar certificate and iron-on badge.


Log into the online platform and record the activities completed to get your students’ certificates and badges.


Available resources

You can download activities and challenge packs from our resource library. Each comes with all the information needed to run the activity.

Access the resource library


It’s easy to start running a CREST SuperStar Award today! 

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Fees and funding

CREST entry fees are government subsidised in the UK and start at £1 per student. Where cost is a barrier to entry, funding may be available.

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Need help?

The CREST Awards Help Centre has detailed information on every aspect of creating and managing CREST Awards.