Discovery Awards


Discovery Awards offer an introduction to real project work and give students the freedom to run their own investigations. They can be completed in one day, with students working together in self-managed groups. 

Typical age


Time to complete

5+ hours

Entry fee per student: Free Wales / £3 rest of UK / £4 International


The challenge

Students work in groups to solve a STEM challenge, or challenges, with minimal adult intervention. Then students present their work.

The outcome

Students develop team-work and hands-on investigative skills. After successfully completing the project, students receive a personalised certificate.

Project submission

Upload samples of students’ work and key information via the online platform.


Discovery Awards are assessed by a teacher or group leader, usually at the end of the day.


Available resources

Download ready-made Discovery Award plans from our resource library.

Access the resource library


It’s easy to start running a CREST Discovery Award today! 

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Fees and funding

CREST entry fees are government subsidised in the UK and start at £1 per student. Where cost is a barrier to entry, funding may be available.

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Need help?

The CREST Awards Help Centre has detailed information on every aspect of creating and managing CREST Awards.