Bronze Awards


Bronze Awards introduce students to project work empowering them to work like real scientists, technologists, engineers or mathematicians. Students choose their own topic and methodologies, giving them complete freedom over their work.

Typical age


Time to complete

10+ hours

Entry fee per student: Free Wales / £5 rest of UK / £10 International*

*For projects outside the UK, there is a minimum order size of ten CREST Bronze Awards.


The challenge

Students work independently or in groups to plan and run a project addressing a real-world STEM problem. 

Available resources

Download inspirational project ideas from the resource library. The secondary getting started and teacher guides are full of useful hints and tips to help you run CREST with your students.

The outcome

The project process develops enquiry, problem-solving and communication skills. CREST Bronze can be used by students to enhance their UCAS personal statements. After completing the project, each student receives a personalised certificate

Project submission

Upload key information and one or two students’ work via our online platform.

Instructions on how to create and manage projects is available on our Help Centre.


Bronze project are assessed against the CREST assessment criteria. View our guidance of what’s expected at Bronze level, with examples.

Bronze Awards are assessed by a teacher or group leader via the online platform.


It’s easy to start running a CREST Bronze Award today! 

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Fees and funding

CREST entry fees are government subsidised in the UK and start at £1 per student. Where cost is a barrier to entry, funding may be available.

Find out more

Need help?

The CREST Awards Help Centre has detailed information on every aspect of creating and managing CREST Awards.