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There are six CREST Award levels. To choose the right one, consider the age and ability of your students and the time they have available to do the Award.

The age descriptions for the Award levels are suggestions, all Awards are open to all ages.


Inspire your primary-aged students with short, hands-on activities that challenge them to explore the world around them.



Perfect for 5-7 year olds who are starting their STEM journey.

Typical age: 5-7

Time to complete: 8 x 1 hour challenges

Entry fee from £1 per student


Most suitable for upper primary students who are looking for a challenge.

Typical age: 7-11

Time to complete: 8 x 1 hour challenges

Entry fee from £1 per student


Develop your students' communication, problem solving and teamwork skills by addressing a real-world challenge over the course of a day.



A one-day STEM project perfect for challenging your 10-14 year old students.

Typical age: 10-14

Time to complete: 5 hours

Entry fee from £3 per student


Empower your students to run their own investigation from start to finish – let them run the project they want to do!



An introduction to STEM project work for 11+ year olds working in teams.

Typical age: 11+

Time to complete: 10 hours

Entry fee from £5 per student


A challenge for your 14+ year old students by running their own STEM projects in teams or individually.

Typical age: 14+

Time to complete: 30 hours

Entry fee from £10 per student


Stretch your 16+ year old students with a long-term, open-ended project ideal for enhancing their UCAS applications.

Typical age: 16+

Time to complete: 70 hours

Entry fee from £20 per student


Fees and funding

CREST entry fees are government subsidised in the UK and start at £1 per student. Where cost is a barrier to entry, funding may be available.

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Need help?

The CREST Awards Help Centre has detailed information on every aspect of creating and managing CREST Awards.