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Visit: ZSL London or Whipsnade Zoo

Award Level Star, SuperStar

If you’re looking for a fantastic day out for your class, with amazing animals to see and plenty of science learning opportunities then ZSL zoos are the place for you. Each education session is accredited as an activity which counts towards a CREST Star or SuperStar Award.

ZSL London Zoo

  • Hands on! (Star):Investigate real animal hair, scales and feathers! Pupils will describe how animals feel, and find out how we can group them by their body coverings.
  • Sense-ations (Star)Dare you put your hand in the feely bag? Do you know which animals taste with their feet? A fun, interactive workshop exploring human and animal senses.
  • Discover Teeth & Feeding (SuperStar):Pupils investigate a range of animal skulls and teeth to discover how animals are adapted for different diets and which feeding groups they belong to.

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

  • Colour and camouflage (Star): How and why do animals use colour and pattern? Students will investigate real fur and feathers to describe how animals use camouflage to survive in the wild.
  • Habitats and Adaptations (SuperStar): Pupils investigate how animals survive in the wild and how these adaptations are suited to the habitat they live in.
  • On the Edge (SuperStar): Pupils will be introduced to endangered species and discover the threats facing the species in the wild.
  • Teeth and Diets (SuperStar): Pupils become dental detectives as they discover the true identity of skulls by investigating the adaptations to feeding and diets.
Resource: Brilliant birds

Resource: Brilliant birds

Local birdwatcher Mrs Twitcher is an expert on birds’ nests. “I think birds are brilliant,” she told our reporter. “I don’t think people can build nests like birds do.” Do you think Mrs Twitcher is right?
Hoodie hearing (Helynt yr hwdi)

Hoodie hearing (Helynt yr hwdi)

Mrs Teachem, narrowly avoided a collision with a pupil at the entrance to the school. “He couldn’t hear a thing!” exclaimed Mrs Teachem. “He didn’t even hear the horn with that hoodie over his ears. Perhaps I should ban hoodies.”
Resource: Sneaky shadow

Resource: Sneaky shadow

Cosmic has lost his shadow. Gem finds it under the street lamp and Aunt Stella finds it on the wall. Where has the sneaky shadow been hiding?