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iFLY Wind Workshop

Award Level SuperStar

iFLY Indoor Skydiving’s ‘Wind Workshop’ offers a unique, hands-on experience for children from Year One through to Year Six, with the emphasis on FUN! The workshops are led by Professor iFLY who helps pupils answer the question “why can the instructor stand up whilst you are flying next to them” and take them through interactive demonstrations to show the basics of how a wind tunnel works, before setting them interesting, practical, wind-based challenges that encourage time management, problem solving and working in a team.

Designed with children and accessible science in mind, we know this is a truly inspirational and comprehensive life and learning experience. The combination of our Wind Workshop and indoor skydiving allows children to experience, first-hand, the effects of force on their body, which is a fantastic, active learning experience.

Squashed Tomatoes (Welsh)

Squashed Tomatoes (Welsh)

Students will design, make and test a system to help farmers in Nepal transport their tomatoes down the mountain to the market without squashing them.

Hoodie hearing (Helynt yr hwdi)

Hoodie hearing (Helynt yr hwdi)

Mrs Teachem, narrowly avoided a collision with a pupil at the entrance to the school. “He couldn’t hear a thing!” exclaimed Mrs Teachem. “He didn’t even hear the horn with that hoodie over his ears. Perhaps I should ban hoodies.”