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Visit: National Space Centre ‘Rockets’

Award Level SuperStar

In the Rockets workshop, children design and launch air powered rockets!  To participate you can either visit the UK’s largest visitor attraction dedicated to space and space exploration OR make a booking for a workshop in your school! 

By designing and launching air powered rockets children are taught how different forces work and in particular Newton’s third law. Using action and reaction children can see why rockets take off. Students design, make and launch their very own rocket which they will be able to take home with them.

Recommended: Years 2-3 (can be for year 1 also – please talk to the bookings team) 

Curriculum links: Forces and motion.


Resource: Discus dilemma (Dryswch y ddisgen)

Resource: Discus dilemma (Dryswch y ddisgen)

Mr Cleanup thinks that a tiny UFO has landed on the playground. Local detective, Miss Terry, has come to investigate, she says, “It’s not a spaceship, it’s a discus!”
Resource: Polymer problem (Problem polymerau)

Resource: Polymer problem (Problem polymerau)

Polymers are long chains of tiny particles joined together in groups, a bit like long strings of beads. Scientists at Horners use polymers to create great new products. But they need more ideas!