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Supporting students

CREST’s flexibility offers ample opportunity to support student learning. CREST works particularly well when:

  • Students have a choice in project topic and/or how they go about investigating it (e.g. choosing to work as a team or individually)
  • Mistakes/setbacks are seen as an opportunity for positive learning and lateral thinking (leading to creativity) is encouraged
    Students are supported in reflecting on their own performance and learning
  • Students are guided by an educator who can act as a sounding board for students’ ideas and nurture the students’ work
  • Mentors from academia/industry are involved; they may set a brief, or just be on hand to give students support along the way. Take a look at our tips on finding a mentor
  • Technician support is available to students who are working on their projects

thumb_03_60_60Chris Conheeny

Tapton School

My Stem Club were assessed for their Bronze Award and had so much pride when they got it! The assessor was impressed at the skills they had learned in communication and facing challenges. The whole experience is so valuable!

thumb_03_60_60CREST teacher

It’s helped the self-esteem for some low achievers for whom it is their major achievement in school.