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Recording project work

CREST assessors will need the following in order to evaluate your project:

  • Your project report
  • A completed CREST Silver Award student profile, which includes the project checklist and personal reflections about your experience and what you learnt.

When the project is done by a team, the team should produce a joint report but each team member needs to submit an individual student profile.

To get a CREST Gold Award you need to demonstrate at least 11 of the CREST criteria at acceptable standard or above, covering all four sections of the criteria. You should also complete around 30 hours of project work.

Writing a CREST Silver report

At the end of the project, you will need to write a report to introduce, describe and evaluate your work. You should work together to produce a joint report if you are working in a team. This could be in written report format, a powerpoint, video or a series of blog posts for example.

Remember to:

  • Make sure your report has enough detail to show evidence that your project meets the criteria. This is especially important with powerpoints and videos.
  • Number the pages in your report. This will help you reference areas of the report when you fill out the checklist.
  • Use your own words. We want to hear about your project and what you did. You should not use information copied straight from the internet in your report.
  • Make sure to list the sources of your research information. We don’t mind what format your references are in, just to give us the information we need to find any sources you used. If you want advice on this, ask your teacher or project lead.

Download our student guide for CREST Silver to find out more.

thumb_03_60_60Chris Conheeny

Tapton School

My Stem Club were assessed for their Bronze Award and had so much pride when they got it! The assessor was impressed at the skills they had learned in communication and facing challenges. The whole experience is so valuable!

thumb_03_60_60CREST teacher

It’s helped the self-esteem for some low achievers for whom it is their major achievement in school.