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Gold Awards allow students to conduct real research. They are longer-term projects that require around 70 hours’ work, and are typically completed by 16-19 year olds. At Gold level, your students’ work should contribute something new to the scientific or technological community or to a particular field of study.

What you need to do


  • Complete the CREST registration form and send it to your local coordinator to enter your students for the Award
  • Support your students in choosing a project. This could be their own idea, or it could use an existing resource from us or our partners. It could link to other work they are doing in school, for example GCSE coursework.
  • Supervise your students through their projects and be a sounding board for discussions
  • Submit your students work to your local coordinator for assessment

What your students need to do


  • Develop and lead the project, using you as an advisor
  • Complete a minimum of 70 hours of project work
  • Consider the broader impact of their project and demonstrate an innovative approach
  • Write a project report or portfolio of evidence to present to their CREST assessor
  • Reflect on their work during the project using a student profile form

Download our student guide for CREST Gold to find out more.

Cost per student

£20 for British schools; £35 for international schools.

In Wales, the entry fees are paid by the Welsh government, so all CREST Awards are free to Welsh schools.
Yng Nghymru, mae’r ffi mynediad Gwobr CREST cyfan yn cael ei dalu gan Lywodraeth Cymru.

Your local coordinator will send you an invoice for the registration fee.


The project will be externally assessed, usually the local coordinator or the project mentor. The work will be assessed against the CREST assessment criteria. Your students may be asked to present their work to the assessor, either by producing a poster or giving a presentation.

Your local coordinator will either issue the award, or may recommend that the students do further work.

Any questions?

Visit the help centre, or contact your local coordinator.

thumb_03_60_60Chris Conheeny

Tapton School

My Stem Club were assessed for their Bronze Award and had so much pride when they got it! The assessor was impressed at the skills they had learned in communication and facing challenges. The whole experience is so valuable!

thumb_03_60_60CREST teacher

It’s helped the self-esteem for some low achievers for whom it is their major achievement in school.