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CREST Discovery

CREST Discovery Awards offer a great first introduction to project work. Typically undertaken by 11-to-14-year olds, they take about five hours to complete (so can be done in one day!) and are ideal for classroom, club or youth group activity days.

Choose a project

You have lots of options for Discovery projects:

  • Use one of our ready-made plans and resources

  • Arrange for an external education provider run a project with your students. This could be at your school, or at another accredited location such as a museum.

  • Plan your own project which enables students to meet the CREST assessment criteria. This could use the students’ own ideas, or link to other activities in your school.

If you plan your own project, make sure it involves the following aspects:

  • Students work on a single challenge or series of clearly linked challenges

  • The challenge/ linked challenges have a clear real-world context

  • The challenge(s) allow students some creative freedom within a structured project

  • Students work collaboratively in self-managed groups

  • Students record and reflect on the day through self-evaluation – you can use the CREST Discovery passport for this

  • Students communicate their findings in a group presentation

Also take a look at the assessment criteria for Discovery below.

Register your students for Discovery

Some schools can register online Click Here to check your area. Otherwise complete the CREST registration form and send it to your local coordinator to enter your students for the Award. Our network of local coordinators will help you to register your students and will be on hand to provide any advice or support you need.

Your local coordinator will send you an invoice for the registration fee, which includes personalised certificates for every successful student.

Discovery awards cost £3 per student for British schools; £6.50 for international schools.

In Wales, the entry fees are paid by the Welsh government, so all CREST Awards are free to Welsh schools.

Yng Nghymru, mae’r ffi mynediad Gwobr CREST cyfan yn cael ei dalu gan Lywodraeth Cymru.

Run the project

This is the fun part! Your students can have the freedom to explore their ideas and run their own investigations.

Your students should work collaboratively on the project or challenge(s) in self-managed groups, with your support. Students should record and reflect on their work during the project usinga CREST Discovery passport, and communicate their findings through a group presentation.

Download our teacher guide for CREST Discovery to find out more about supporting students in running their own projects.

Assess your students’ work

You can assess Discovery Awards yourself, once your students have completed their project work and filled in their Discovery passports. Alternatively, you can ask another educator or colleague to do the assessment.

To assess students, you should confirm that the students have:

  • Completed around 5 hours of work on the project
  • Participated fully in the project
  • Reflected on their learning

During the project, students should develop and demonstrate the following skills:

Assessment objective Could include
  • Readiness to accept responsibility
  • Flexibility
  • Effective time management
  • Motivation to improve own performance
  • Confidence when tackling tasks
  • Respecting other people’s work and views
  • Working collaboratively
  • Negotiating/persuading
  • Contributing positively to discussions
  • Analysing circumstances and applying a creative approach to develop solutions
  • Acquiring new knowledge relevant to the task and applying it appropriately
  • Following written and verbal instructions
  • Talking and listening to other team members;
  • Producing a presentation which relates to the original brief and which reflects the creativity of the group
Reflective practice

The ability to recognise:

  • What knowledge and skills have been gained
  • Where they could have worked more effectively
  • Where they achieved/exceeded expectations This skill can be recognised using the Discovery passport.

Tell your local coordinator that your students have completed their CREST projects, so they can print and post your certificates to you.

Any questions?

Visit the help centre, or contact your local coordinator.