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Assessment criteria for CREST Bronze, Silver and Gold

To achieve a CREST Award, students have to demonstrate at least 11 of the CREST criteria.


Planning the project

  • The students set a clear aim for the project and broke it down into smaller objectives
  • The students explained a wider purpose for the project
  • The students identified a range of approaches to completing the project
  • The students described their plan for how to complete the project and why they chose that approach
  • The students planned and organised their time well

Throughout the project

  • The students made good use of the materials and people available
  • The students researched the background to the project and referenced their sources appropriately

Finalising the project

  • The students made logical conclusions and explained the implications for the wider world
  • The students explained how what they did affected the outcome of the project
  • The students explained what they have learned and reflected on what they could improve

Project-wide criteria

  • The students showed understanding of the science behind their project, appropriate to their level
  • The students made decisions to direct the project, taking account of ethical and safety issues
  • The students showed creative thinking in carrying out the project
  • The students identified and overcame problems successfully
  • The students explained their project clearly, in both writing and conversation

thumb_03_60_60Chris Conheeny

Tapton School

My Stem Club were assessed for their Bronze Award and had so much pride when they got it! The assessor was impressed at the skills they had learned in communication and facing challenges. The whole experience is so valuable!

thumb_03_60_60CREST teacher

It’s helped the self-esteem for some low achievers for whom it is their major achievement in school.