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Miracle berry- Primary upd8

Award Level Star

The Miracle berry activity is a downloadable resource from Primary upd8.

Children will investigate which foods are sour and which are sweet. They will discuss whether the miracle berry (which turns sour tastes to sweet) is a good thing.

How to achieve a CREST Star Award

This activity is accredited as a CREST Star activity, which you can count towards your CREST Star Award.

At-Bristol- Fossil Finders

In Fossil Finders, students will make their own fossils, move like a dinosaur and find out about the creatures that once roamed the Earth.

Speedy scooters

Speedy scooters

Cosmic is on the grass. He’s in the lead and scooting as fast as he can. Then Gem whizzes past him on the path. Cosmic is surprised. How did Gem do that?
Music maker (Taro’r nodyn)

Music maker (Taro’r nodyn)

Gem is tapping things with her spoon to make sounds. Cosmic notices that the tune sounds different after he has poured fruit juice out of the bottle.
Starting sounds

Starting sounds

“On your marks,” shouts the starter. She holds the starting gun in the air. The starter pulls the trigger. . . Oh no! The starting gun has broken. How will they start the race?