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Mail Rail at The Postal Museum

Award Level SuperStar

The Postal Museum

Opening in London mid-2017

Visit The Postal Museum with your class and delve into 500 years of groundbreaking postal history. Explore inspiring galleries packed with incredible objects, exciting stories and fun-filled interactive displays. Ride Mail Rail: Journey back in time on a specially-made train through the original tunnels and station platforms. 

Mail Rail CREST Superstar activities

Take part in Mail Rail CREST SuperStar activities to investigate the Science behind Mail Rail in your classroom. Each topic includes lesson plans, teachers’ notes, film clips, activity ideas and PowerPoint presentations for whiteboards.

Petitioning Parliament!: The year is 1913 and the streets of London are very busy. Students investigate why and write to the Prime Minister to persuade him to build Mail Rail.

Mail Rail Marble Run: Mail Rail engineers needed! Students work as a team to design the fastest, cheapest tunnel to move the mail underground.

Future Mail: The year is 2050. Students must research transport from the past to design a new method of transporting the mail in the future.

Use these activities to investigate the Science behind Mail Rail in your classroom and collect special Mail Rail Superstar stickers for your students. Superstar activities can support a visit to Mail Rail or the Outreach Mail Rail Science Show (London schools only). 

Flight Move

Flight Move

Here at Flight Move Estate Agency, we find homes for all sorts of birds. We have just received some alarming news! Some of the birds in the UK are becoming endangered and it is our job to find them brand new homes in our local areas.

Squashed Tomatoes (Welsh)

Squashed Tomatoes (Welsh)

Students will design, make and test a system to help farmers in Nepal transport their tomatoes down the mountain to the market without squashing them.

Wind Power Challenge

Wind Power Challenge

A renewable energy STEM challenge where pupils design and build a simple wind turbine.

Hoodie hearing (Helynt yr hwdi)

Hoodie hearing (Helynt yr hwdi)

Mrs Teachem, narrowly avoided a collision with a pupil at the entrance to the school. “He couldn’t hear a thing!” exclaimed Mrs Teachem. “He didn’t even hear the horn with that hoodie over his ears. Perhaps I should ban hoodies.”