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Journey stick

Award Level SuperStar

When Australian Aboriginals went on long journeys they tied objects to a stick. The objects would help them to remember events and experiences on their journey and to tell others of their adventures.

Magic or magnetic? -Primary upd8

Pupils are asked to recreate a magic trick using magnets. Is it possible to play Quidditch with the force of magnets?

ZSL London Zoo & ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

If you’re looking for a fantastic day out for your class, with amazing animals to see and plenty of science learning opportunities then ZSL zoos are the place for you. Each education session is accredited as an activity which counts towards a CREST Star or...
Wind Power Challenge

Wind Power Challenge

A renewable energy STEM challenge where pupils design and build a simple wind turbine.

Testing and comparing tea (Profi a chymharu te)

Testing and comparing tea (Profi a chymharu te)

In the A Nice Cup of Tea (Paned da o de) project you can find out about the nation’s favourite drink and how people from around the world create the perfect cuppa! Overview (Trosolwg) In this activity you can have fun testing and comparing different types of tea. Host...