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Floating ducks – Primary upd8

Award Level Star

The Floating Ducks activity is a downloadable resource from Primary upd8.

29,000 plastic yellow ducks, blue turtles and green frogs broke free from a cargo ship 15 years ago and have floated halfway around the world. Children will imagine finding some of these plastic toys washed up on the beach.

How to achieve a CREST Star Award

This activity is accredited as a CREST Star activity, which you can count towards your CREST Star Award.

Tea bag trouble

Tea bag trouble

Poor Uncle Astro. He wants to make a nice cup of tea but he’s run out of tea bags. Cosmic and Gem wonder if they can make him some tea bags.

ZSL London Zoo & ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

If you’re looking for a fantastic day out for your class, with amazing animals to see and plenty of science learning opportunities then ZSL zoos are the place for you. Each education session is accredited as an activity which counts towards a CREST Star or...
Peggy problem (Picil y pegiau)

Peggy problem (Picil y pegiau)

It’s washing day at Aunt Stella’s house. The wet clothes keep falling off the line. Can Cosmic and Gem find out which are the best clothes pegs for her to use?
Discovery bag (Bag darganfod)

Discovery bag (Bag darganfod)

What has Uncle Astro put in the bag for Cosmic and Gem to explore? They think the bag has parts of trees inside but they are not sure.