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Engineering Education Scheme – England & Scotland

Award Level Gold

The Engineering Education Scheme in England & Scotland, run by EDT, links teams of Year 12 or S5/S6 students with a local company to work on a six-month project involving real scientific, engineering and technological problems.

How to achieve a CREST Gold Award

At the beginning of the project you must enter your students for the CREST Gold Award by contacting your EDT CREST local coordinator. They will also liaise with you to make sure that your project meets the CREST criteria.

During the project you can contact your EDT CREST representative if you have any questions. For the Celebration and Assessment Day (CAD) you will need to submit to your CREST representative electronic copies of:

  • your project report
  • your EES CREST checklist
  • a personal appendix for each student.

If these are not received by EDT´s submission deadline, your CREST assessor may not complete assessment of your project at the CAD. This will create work for you and delay the outcome. If you have any questions contact

These documents will be sent to you once you register for your CREST award:

  • Go4SET teacher guide
  • EDT team guide
  • EES CREST checklist.


Compare the properties of different fabrics

Compare the properties of different fabrics

  Before you start your investigation you should carry out a risk assessment and have it checked by your teacher. For help with this, read through our health and safety information and look out for health and safety warnings in the text.                         ...
Talent 2030 – national engineering competition for girls

Talent 2030 – national engineering competition for girls

In the National Engineering Competition for Girls run by Talent 2030, female students are invited to come up with solutions to some of the major challenges of the 21st century. How to achieve a CREST Award Entries to the National Engineering Competition can be used...
Imperial College London Schools Science Competition

Imperial College London Schools Science Competition

The Schools Science Competition is free to enter and is open to teams of pupils from secondary schools across Greater London. The aim of the competition is for teams to identify an everyday problem that directly impacts society.

Investigating vitamin supplements

Investigating vitamin supplements

For this project, you will do some experiments to find out how quickly different vitamin and mineral supplements enter the bloodstream…