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Award Level Silver

In Go4Set, run by EDT, teams of students in Year 8/9 & S2 (12-14 year olds) are linked with employers and universities and take part in a 10 week science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) project.

How to achieve a CREST Silver Award

You will need to make sure your Go4Set project also meets at least 11 of the 15 CREST criteria, once you finish your project you will need to upload electronic copies of the following documents to your CREST account:

  • your project report
  • your Go4SET CREST checklist
  • a personal appendix for each student.

If you have any questions contact

Resource: Detecting drugs

Resource: Detecting drugs

  Before you start your investigation you should carry out a risk assessment and have it checked by your teacher. For help with this, read through our health and safety information and look out for health and safety warnings in the text. Tablets are usually...