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Take part in the Year of Engineering by completing an Engineering CREST project

With 2018 being the Year of Engineering, the Education Team at the British Science Association (BSA) have put together some of our favourite engineering resources.


If you’re not sure what level you should do, have a look here.


CREST Star Awards LevelStar Slippery Slopes for SEN

These CREST Star activities have been adapted for students with special educational needs (SEN). 

In these activities, students investigate what affects objects sliding down a slope, and investigate landslides and avalanches.


CREST Star Awards LevelSuperStar – Kite Calamity

The first Startown Kite Festival failed to get off the ground. Kite enthusiast Fly said, “If there is anyone out there who can help us, we would love to hear from them.”



CREST Star Awards Level

Discovery – Wild Creations

Wild Creations is a CREST Discovery activity that challenges students to work as a team to celebrate their culture and heritage through the design and creation of a model, sculpture or STEM installation.


CREST Star Awards Level

Bronze – Squashed Tomato Challenge

In the Squashed Tomato Challenge from Practical Action students will design, make and test a system to help farmers in Nepal transport their tomatoes down the mountain to the market without squashing them. 


CREST Star Awards Level

Silver – Build a Robot

 You will build a simple robot, for example using Lego or Meccano, that you can steer with switches. You could then adapt it to perform a ‘useful’ task.


CREST Star Awards Level

Gold – Design and make your own skateboard

Find out about skateboards and how they’re made, then design and make your own deck. You can complete the skateboard by buying the other components and fixing them to your board.