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Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)

Award Level SuperStar

The centre is situated in a beautiful part of mid Wales near Snowdonia, has been a leading inspirational Eco centre over nearly 40 years.

How to achieve a CREST SuperStar Award

Attending a workshop is accredited as a CREST SuperStar activity, which you can count towards your CREST SuperStar Award.

Kite calamity

Kite calamity

The first Startown Kite Festival failed to get off the ground. Kite enthusiast Fly said, “If there is anyone out there who can help us, we would love to hear from them.”

Magic or magnetic? -Primary upd8

Pupils are asked to recreate a magic trick using magnets. Is it possible to play Quidditch with the force of magnets?

iFLY Wind Workshop

iFLY Wind Workshop

Professor iFLY who helps pupils answer the question “why can the instructor stand up whilst you are flying next to them?”