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Be seen, be safe (Byddwch amlwg, byddwch ddiogel)

Award Level Star

“I nearly knocked these two off their bikes,” grumbles the policeman. “They were riding around, no lights and just look at what they are wearing! No wonder I couldn’t see them.”


ARKive provide fun-packed teaching resources for 7-11 year olds covering a range of biology subjects. Each activity counts towards a CREST Star or SuperStar Award. Plants (Star): Students will learn about the different parts of the plant and what each part does....
British Science Week activity packs

British Science Week activity packs

The British Science Week activity packs provide hands-on activities that are engaging, inexpensive and easy to do. The challenge packs have activities suitable for both primary and secondary students. How to achieve a CREST Award Several of the activities in these...
Sniffly sneezes

Sniffly sneezes

Cosmic looks at Gem, “Your nose is all red” he says, “you look like a clown!” Gem sighs. “It’s my hankie. It doesn’t work very well. I wish I had a better one.”

Miracle berry- Primary upd8

Children will investigate which foods are sour and which are sweet. They will discuss whether the miracle berry (which turns sour tastes to sweet) is a good thing.

Sneaky shadow

Sneaky shadow

Cosmic has lost his shadow. Gem finds it under the street lamp and Aunt Stella finds it on the wall. Where has the sneaky shadow been hiding?