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Visit: Fossil Finders

Award Level Star

Discover the magic of prehistoric worlds at the UK’s most popular science centre. In the Fossil Finders workshop, students will make their own fossils, move like a dinosaur and find out about the creatures that once roamed the Earth.

Key Words
Fossils. Dinosaurs. Palaeontology. Fossil dig pit. Time. Discovery.

Learning objectives
Understand that dinosaurs and other fossilised animals lived a long time ago
Understand that fossils are found in rocks in the ground
Understand that dinosaurs were not all the same. Some were very small and some were very large.
Identify people who look for and study fossils as palaeontologists
Recognise that some fossils look like animals living today, to which they are related
Students will:

Investigate fossils and other artefacts using their sense of touch
Examine fossils, think about how old they are and how they might have formed
Search for buried fossils like a palaeontologist
Imagine what ancient animals might have sounded like
Mime act as a dinosaur

Curriculum Links
Listening and attention
Understanding and speaking
Physical Development
Moving and handling
Personal, social and emotional development
Self-confidence and self-awareness
Managing feelings and behaviour
Making relationships
Shape, space and measures
Understanding the World
The world
Expressive arts and design
Being imaginative

Discovery bag (Bag darganfod)

Discovery bag (Bag darganfod)

What has Uncle Astro put in the bag for Cosmic and Gem to explore? They think the bag has parts of trees inside but they are not sure.
Peggy problem (Picil y pegiau)

Peggy problem (Picil y pegiau)

It’s washing day at Aunt Stella’s house. The wet clothes keep falling off the line. Can Cosmic and Gem find out which are the best clothes pegs for her to use?
Resource: ARKive

Resource: ARKive

ARKive provide fun-packed teaching resources covering a range of biology subjects.