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Competition: Astro Pi Mission Space Lab

Award Level Bronze

Astro Pi is an annual science and coding competition.

We want to show the possibilities of computer programming and encourage school-age young people to improve their digital literacy skills, further their interest in STEM subjects and associated careers. Spaceflight is often perceived as a very exciting but abstract idea by young people. Astro Pi gives them the opportunity to be an active participant in space science, rather than just an observer. Having a creation of theirs actually reach space and do something there is profoundly cool to them.

The Astro Pi payload was designed to not only be taken into space but also into classrooms. What would you do with this equipment? Look for cosmic rays? Make a time-lapse video of the Earth seen through a hatch window? This is the premise of the European Astro Pi challenge.

Find out more and choose your mission on the Astro Pi website.


Visit: Robotic Arm MakerClub

Visit: Robotic Arm MakerClub

Students learn to build and programme a 3D printed robotic arm. Clubs in Bournemouth, Norwich, Greenwich, Brighton and Beckton

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