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Resource: ARKive

Award Level Star, SuperStar

ARKive provide fun-packed teaching resources for 7-11 year olds covering a range of biology subjects. Each activity counts towards a CREST Star or SuperStar Award.

  • Plants (Star): Students will learn about the different parts of the plant and what each part does.
  • Adaptation – Design a Species (SuperStar): By creating and designing a new species, students learn how animals are adapted to survive in particular habitats.
  • Marvellous Mini-beasts – Design a Species (SuperStar): By creating and designing a new species of mini-beast, students learn how different species of invertebrate are adapted to survive in particular habitats.
  • Sizing up Species (SuperStar): Combining skills in mathematics, science and art, students will learn about species heights and lengths while practicing estimation, measurement and comparison skills.
  • Pacific Northwest Temperate Rainforests (SuperStar): Students investigate ecosystems and understand that they include living and non-living things.
  • School Museum (SuperStar): Following an exploration of endangered species and conservation issues, students develop their understanding of key biological concepts by designing and creating an interactive exhibit for an ARKive School Museum.
Resource: Kite calamity

Resource: Kite calamity

The first Startown Kite Festival failed to get off the ground. Kite enthusiast Fly said, “If there is anyone out there who can help us, we would love to hear from them.”
Resource: Windy ways (Morys y gwynt)

Resource: Windy ways (Morys y gwynt)

Startown Primary School has been invited by an organisation called OPAL to take part in an exciting new weather survey. It has asked the school to see if they can find out about the wind using bubbles!
Journey stick

Journey stick

When Australian Aboriginals went on long journeys they tied objects to a stick. The objects would help them to remember events and experiences on their journey and to tell others of their adventures.