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Download the full set of CREST SuperStar challenges. These challenges can be used towards a CREST SuperStar Award.

CREST SuperStar is designed for 7 – 11 year olds, and gives children the chance to participate in hands-on science through enquiry-based learning.

Children receive their own CREST SuperStar passport to record their journey, and participate in eight CREST SuperStar challenges, run by you, to complete the award.

Each time a child completes a challenge the can mark it off in their passport. When their passport is filled up they get a certificate and an iron-on badge to recognise and reward their achievement.

Challenges are designed so that you don’t need to be a teacher or have a science background to run them. Each challenge is designed to be 45min-1hr long and comes with an organiser’s card with instructions, highlighted safety points and a resource list.

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Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)

The centre is situated in a beautiful part of mid Wales near Snowdonia, has been a leading inspirational Eco centre over nearly 40 years. Windpower workshop Students make their own wind turbine. Eco Buildings workshop Practical workshop designing & making model...
Windy ways (Morys y gwynt)

Windy ways (Morys y gwynt)

Startown Primary School has been invited by an organisation called OPAL to take part in an exciting new weather survey. It has asked the school to see if they can find out about the wind using bubbles!
Band rollers

Band rollers

Inventors of wind up radios and toys that don’t need batteries are invited to enter them in the CLIMATE CHANGE CHALLENGE at the Startown Technology Show.
Floating Garden Challenge

Floating Garden Challenge

Challenge your pupils to design and build a model structure that will enable farmers to grow crops even in an area that may become flooded.